Feb 2, 2017

Magic Touch

Magic Touch game screenshot
Let’s practice some magic! In a virtual world, of course ?? There are many magical moves and they can be combined in different ways – swipe up-down-right-left and by diagonal. And there is a wizard-girl, which we can turn to different creatures, such as a beautiful white horse, a witch on a broomstick, a powerful lady-warrior, a skeleton, and some others. Try to unblock all of them, performing different combinations of the moves. Many of them produce the same magic, so be ready to see many horses and witches before all the transformations will happen. How many tries will it take for you? Reach high levels of experience and get new spells-moves to expand the number of available combinations and morph the girl even into more creatures.

Magic Touch play free

Some of the creatures in this game look so dangerous that in other virtual adventures we would already begin to fight against them. Like in the Taptastic Monsters game on the Very Good Games blog!

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