Feb 21, 2017

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers - game review
Trains can be met in many parts of the world nowadays. And almost everywhere, creative guys and girls are ready to fill gloomy coaches with beautiful bright graffiti! And even if there are no such people in a city, Jake with his gang may come there and change the situation… Of course, this happens only in the virtuality of mega-popular game Subway Surfers. But even there Jake, Tricky, and other characters have problems with security guards – it seems like most of the time they run from an angry inspector and his mighty dog. And in the game, we help them avoid many obstacles! Sometimes jump should be activated. Sometimes only sliding allows continuing the run. Often game heroes should shift right or left to avoid oncoming trains. During their dash, the subway surfers collect coins and power-ups. Although the game has no end, buying temporary updates, developing the hero, activating new characters, and visiting amazing places all over the virtual world keep the game interesting and exciting.

To play Subway Surfers on Android or iOS devices, instal the game from an appropriate marketplace:
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Keep running

Making graffiti is just a part of starter video in every game attempt. The real action begins on the three railway tracks, where the hero run, trying to avoid a punishment. The gameplay is quite simple, but to keep running we should be very attentive and have the fast reaction. Swiping up-down-right-left activates jumping, sliding, and shifting. So, if you see an obstacle, avoid it in one of the ways to prevent Jack from crashing into a coach or a blockage. The more he runs, the faster he becomes, and the harder for players to keep him running. Bigger distances give a lot of points and help to set a record.

Winter Holiday - Subway Surfers screenshot

Power-ups and updates

On the way, subway surfers can grab not only coins but also useful power-ups, such as sneakers for higher jumps, hoverboards for escaping one crash, jetpacks for flying over trains for a while, and special jumpers for really high leaps. These objects may become even more efficient, if between attempts you spend coins on their updates. This slowly makes your characters more successful. And of course, there are temporary updates, such as booster for bonus points and starter speed-up, which work only for one attempt…

These and many others additional features keep the game process interesting for a long time. It’s not just swiping, but also a bit of thinking about developing your game characters.

Who will run today? Where will this happen?

The Subway Surfers game is an endless adventure. You can’t reach a goal and stop playing after accomplishing missions. Every single attempt can be finished only if you make a fault. All the game can be “finished” only if you get bored of it.

The developers try hard to stop even thoughts about that boring! They make many characters and ask a lot of coins for activating them. We have to run miles and miles, play hours and hours to open all the heroes. And new can appear after that, and more running will be needed…

Interesting tasks are given regularly in the game. This can be collecting words from separate letters, or catching a specific number of unique artifacts. Even just for login into the game daily you will get extra coins!

Subway Surfers screenshot - winter holidays

The locations of Subway Surfers are just brilliant! It’s a pleasure to watch virtual characters running. And it is another reason to play the game again and again. The developers know this advantage perfectly well and regularly propose new colorful locations. They called this process Subway Surfers World Tour – quite a cool idea of changing decorations with keeping the gameplay. Jack and friends have visited Tokyo, Kenya, Rio, Iceland, Amsterdam, Havana, North Pole, Monaco… Do you know where Subway Surfers takes place now?

The game only for mobile devices

To enjoy virtual running, we should have an Android, iOS, Kindle, or Windows 10 Mobile device. You can click these links to enter a marketplace. 

Play Subway Surfers

The Subway Surfers game is a splendid example of the running game genre. And there are a lot of other cool projects, made with similar gameplay. Some of them are quite small and available for playing even in a browser window. For example, you may try out Tomb Runner on the Very Good Games blog!

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