Feb 8, 2017

Zombie Massacre

Zombie Massacre game screenshot
An adventurer visits Wild West and discovers that it is occupied by very dangerous zombies. The guy decides to go to a safe place but on his way he meets a lot of people, who need his help. He can’t leave them dying, so fights zombies not only for his surviving but also for many virtual characters. At the start of the game, the brave hero has only a club – he beats enemies by it. But soon walking deads become so mighty, that it will be very hard to defeat them without a firearm. More powerful weapons can be bought and upgraded in the in-game shop, Money for this and for useful equipment the guy earns by killing zombies. Will you help him pass through all the levels and accomplish all the missions of this free online game?

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In some games, we can play not on the humans’ side but on the side of zombies. What about developing huge corporation of rising deads in the Zombie Inc. game?

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