Mar 22, 2017

Airport Rush

Airport Rush screenshot
Controlling all processes in an airport is quite a difficult and important job – so many lives and so much money depends on this… But in the world of this online mini-game, this task becomes rather a fun entertainment! Click or tap appeared icons to give planes permission for landing, entering the terminal zone, going to runways, and for takeoff. Coordinate all movements in the virtual airport to prevent crashes. Begin with the easiest level and move to the biggest airport in the game. How many aircraft will pass through your service at one attempt?
#Attention     #Planning     #Constancy

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Driving of planes is also very interesting activity. Try and accomplish different flying mission in the Pilot Heroes game!

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Somecreaturescan fly even withou wings. And we talk not about birdsbut about super-puper cute Kirby from Dream Land.

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Another one way of flying is using a jet-pack. And Skylar does so during adventures with Plux...

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