Mar 21, 2017

Robin Hood: Give and Take

Robin Hood: Give and Take game screenshot
A famous and brave hero takes gold from rich and gives it to poor people. Robin Hood should perform the both parts of his decent mission in secrecy! If rich meet Robin in their castles, they arrest the guy. If poor meet Robin in their houses, they become too scared to accept money. Take the control of noble guy, help him collect coins from some chests and put them into others. Avoid bright light that comes from eyes of game characters – they begin to see Robin if he enters these zones. In some places, your hero can hide and wait until a way will be clear. He can use ladders to climb on high platforms or just jump on tables, wardrobes, and other objects.

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Of course, not all rich have got their money from evil actions! Some of them work hard to have a nice balance on a bank account. For example, Emily has opened a restaurant and feed people there

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