Mar 3, 2017

All the items in the Pokemon Go game

Pokemon Go tutorial about game items
As often it happens in games and as it is usual for the whole Pokemon series, players can use different virtual items in Pokemon Go to have some additional effects and benefits. Understanding of what these items are and how to use them is very helpful for a Pokemon trainer. And this Pokemon Go tutorial gives a clear explanation of this topic!


If you just start your adventure in the augmented reality of Pokemon Go, it will be useful and interesting for you to discover the very basis of the game – read the tutorial How to play Pokemon Go. First steps. Remembering them can be helpful even for experienced trainers!


Where to take Pokemon Go items?

Players get useful objects after leveling up their characters, from PokeStops, and from the in-game shop.

Leveling up happens with getting experience points. The game gives them for different actions – the more you play, the higher becomes the level of your characters and more cool items you get.

PokeStops are significant places of the real world, marked on the game map with cubes. When you approach to one of them, its cube-sign changes to a photo. Swipe it and items will appear.

The in-game shop proposes the fastest way of getting really helpful stuff. For real money.

Pokeballs in Pokemon Go

There are three types of Pokeballs in the game.

A standard Pokeball for catching Pokemon
The standard one is called just Pokeball. It is usual for catching Pocket Monsters. A very common thing it is and essential indeed.

Great Ball - a powerful Pokeball for catching Pokemon
Great Ball has a higher level of effectiveness. It helps to catch rare and mighty Pokemon. Better to have them in your “bag” and use for special creatures.

Ultra Ball - the best Pokeball for catching Pokemon
Ultra Ball – is the strongest one! It is even more efficient and even more precious. Don’t spend them in vain! Wait for super powerful Pokemon to use Ultra Ball.

Premier Ball - a Pokeball for catching a Gym Boss after a Raid Battle in Pokemon Go
Premier Ball – this is a unique version of PokéBalls that can be gotten only from Raid Battles. It helps to catch a weaker copy of a defeated Gym Boss. A team that makes more damage to a Gym Boss gets more Premier Balls. If they are not used on a Raid Boss they disappear.

Berries in Pokemon Go

It seems like Pokemon know well, what the healthy food is: they eat candies just a few times in their life for evolution or powering up, but more often prefer fresh delicious berries. Trainers use this feature to increase their chances for successful catching.

Razz Berry - game item to increase chances of catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go
Razz Berry – it helps to keep a Pokemon in a Pokeball, decreasing the possibility of escaping, because Pokemon just can’t stop to eat berries.

A picture of the game item Goldem Razz Berry in Pokemon Go - a tutorial on the gaming blog Very Good Games
Golden Razz Berry - Also, trainers can use really effective Golden Razz Berries. They can be gotten from Raid Battles.
Pinib Berry - this game item gives more candies for catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go
Pinap Berry – it increases an amount of candies, because caught Pokemon glad to change his candies to berry.

Do you know what candies are, how to get and use them? We explain this in the tutorial “How to evolve and power up  Pokemon in the Pokemon Go game”.


Pinib Berry - game item to slow Pokemon during catching in Pokemon Go
Nanab Berry – it slows a Pokemon, because he can’t stop to eat berries and needs time for this, so it will be easier to make a successful throw of a Pokeball.

Every berry should be given to a Pokemon before throwing a Pokeball. And they work for one attempt only. We can use one type berries at a time.


A picture of the game item Candy in Pokemon Go - a tutorial on the gaming blog Very Good Games
Candy - When we perform different actions in the game, we get special Pokémon candies. Candies can be used for evolution of Pocket Monsters into more powerful forms. Different families of Pokémon have their own types of candies – we can’t feed Magikarp with candies from Buddy-Pikachu. Players get candies from catching Pokémon, hatching them from eggs, transferring Pokémon to the professor, walking with a Buddy Pokémon.

A picture of the game item Rare Candy in Pokemon Go - a tutorial on the gaming blog Very Good Games
Rare Candy – Pokémon trainers can get them from Raid Battles and use for evolving of any Pokémon!


Read more in our Pokémon Go tutorial: “How to evolve and power up Pokémon in the Pokémon Go game”.


Technical Machines

Caught, hatched, and evolved Pokémon get two attacks randomly. They are fast and charged attacks, and usually, they can’t be changed. But Technical Machines can do this.

A picture of the game item Technical Machines in Pokemon Go - a tutorial on the gaming blog Very Good Games
Technical Machines - Fast Technical Machines allow replacing fast attacks of Pokémon. Charged Technical Machines allow replacing charged attacks. This also happens on a random basis – we can’t choose a particular attack. Technical Machines are useful for nice Pokémon with not very nice attacks. These items can be gotten from Raid Battles.

Raid Passes

A picture of the game item Raid Passes in Pokemon Go - a tutorial on the gaming blog Very Good Games
Raid Passes – they are special items that allow participating in Raid Battles. Only one Raid Passes is available for a Pokémon trainer per day.

A picture of the game item Premium Raid Passes in Pokemon Go - a tutorial on the gaming blog Very Good Games
Premium Raid Passes – these “tickets” to Raid Battles can be bought in the shop.


Read more about Raid Battles in this Pokémon Go tutorial.


Items for attracting Pokemon

We can catch much more Pokemon if activate Lure Module and Incense. These items attract Pocket Monsters but they work in slightly different ways.

Incense to attracte wild Pokemon to a trainer
Incense – it attracts Pokemon to a player, who has it activated.

Lure Module to attracte wild Pokemon to a Gym
Lure Module – it attracts Pokemon to a PokeStop. All players around the place can catch more creatures, so often several trainers buy Lure Module together.

Both items of this kind lure Pokemon for 30 minutes.

Items for recovery after battles

Some Pokemon remain injured after battles in Gyms. And some of them are even fainted! It would be better to help them with these items.

Revive for recovering fanted Pokemon
Revive – it recovers a fainted Pokemon to half of his Health Points. There are Max Revives that recover to full HP.

Potion to recover Pokemon HP after battles in Gyms
Potion – it works on injured Pokemon, recovering 20 HP. There are Super Potions for 50 HP and Hyper Potions for 200 HP.


More detailed information about battles is in the tutorial “How to play Pokemon Go. Success in battles”.


Evolution Items

Usually, Pokemon in the Pokemon Go game evolve with candies – a unique resource, which we collect by different actions. But some of creatures evolve only with special items. They are:

Dragon Scale - a game item for evolving some Pokemon
Dragon Scale
Kings Rock - a game item for evolving some Pokemon
Kings Rock
Metal Coat - a game item for evolving some Pokemon
Metal Coat
Up-Grade - a game item for evolving some Pokemon
Sun Stone - a game item for evolving some Pokemon
Sun Stone

The Evolution items help some Pokemon to make a “jump” from one Generation to another. More information about this miracle of Pokemon life is in the tutorial: “How to evolve and power up  Pokemon in the Pokemon Go game”.

What else?

Incubators - game item for hatching Pokemon from eggs
Incubators – they are needed to hatch Pokemon from eggs. Players have one that works unlimited times. But only one egg can be put there. Other Incubators work only three times.


We explain the process of hatching in the tutorial “How to hatch Pokemon from eggs”.


Lucky Egg gives extra XP for Pokemon trainers
Lucky Egg – it’s an item for getting twice more experience points for your character. It works for 30 minutes.

Outfits – many clothes and accessories for virtual characters are free but some unique can be bought in the shop. They are masks, hats, glasses, pants, skirts, shirts…

Pokemon Storage – a place for all our Pokemon. The basic one may contain up to 250 creatures. To expand this number on 50, we should buy Pokemon Storage Update. 

Bag – a place for all our items. Players have a place for 350 of them and can buy Bag Update for additional 50.

Some items can be taken only after reaching particular levels of experience – check PokeStops and visit the shop regularly to see all new objects there. The more Pokemon you have got and the more battles you have participated in, the closer you are to a moment when all the items are available for you!

Knowing these objects is as significant for the game success as understanding features of different Pokemon types – they are explained in this Pokemon Go article!

Logos of all Pokemon types

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