Mar 3, 2017

Rainbow Star Pinball

Rainbow Star Pinball game screenshot
This is a virtual version of fun game machines. Throw the ball onto the colorful field and make it jump from obstacle to obstacle, earning bonus points by striking them. Don’t let the ball fall into the drain hole – it will be the end of the attempt! Activate special flippers to return the ball to higher sectors of the game field. You will have a few balls to set a record. But of course, just enjoying the game without making any high score is fully enough to have an amazing gaming time! In the Rainbow Star Pinball, you will find a lot of interesting features on the field, which help to get more points and protections from losing the ball, open a bonus zone, and activate a new style of the main field.

Game Rainbow Star Pinball free

Rolling balls on a game field may be a bit calmer entertainment if do so on a billiard table. On the Very Good Games blog, we have a nice version of this popular game - Speed Pool King.

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