Mar 24, 2017

City Connect

City Connect game screenshot
Many houses of a city should be connected with each other by roads. These ways become like arteries in the city’s organism! In the reality, people should work hard to make all those roads. In the virtuality of this game, the process is much simpler – pieces of roads are placed on square tiles, and all that we have to do is to connect them in the best way! All the houses should have an entrance to the web of roads, all the ways should lead somewhere… Just tap the tiles to make them spin. Try and find ideal positions to achieve a “perfect” badge on every level! This online puzzle game contains three difficulties with 40 tasks in every of them!

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On a new space colony, settlers have much more worries than just the placing of roads: evil aliens attack the planet, dangerous asteroids can smash buildings… Help them to Protect the planet!

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