Mar 24, 2017

Bomb the Mountain

Bomb the Mountain game screenshot
A fun square-headed guy has climbed on the top of a high mountain and now he is ready to go down. It will be a fast process indeed! The mountain itself hurries the game hero – blocks for standing disappear regularly, beginning from the top, so the guy should jump on a lower platform to escape falling into the abyss. But to jump fast doesn’t mean to jump absentmindedly! Look where you lead the hero to avoid blocks of lava, electricity, quicksand, and other dangers. Look for antidotes, if the guy has eaten a poison! Jump twice if he is stuck in jelly! Take all the bubbles on the way to have a nice protection! Collect bonus stars and keys on the way! How far will get your hero? The game gives different interesting missions – they are described on the start page.

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Some other game creatures look for adventures not in mountains but in deep mines! And they can find there a lot of treasures, so gamers should lead them to precious stones and metal nuggets! Explore bowels of the Moon in the Diggy 2 game on the Very Good Games blog!

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