Mar 27, 2017

Run, Mario, run! The game is available now for Android devices

Super Mario Run for Android
As Nintendo promised before, they have released the Super Mario Run game not only for iPhones but also for Android devices! This is really cool news for all who likes fun and quality platformers – Mario games always were a kind of masterpieces among virtual adventures. And now, after a long time of releasing Mario games only for their consoles, guys in Nintendo have decided to make a game for more common devices: smartphones and tablets. This means huge changes in the gameplay – there are no gamepads to control Mario! So, how we should play Mario Run?

To play Super Mario Run, install the game from an appropriate marketplace:

Super Mario Run install on Android       Super Mario Run install on iOS

On the one hand, gameplay of the new Mario game is very simple – we can use only one finger. A simple tap will be enough to make Mario jump, while he runs automatically!

Super Mario Run game screenshots

But on the other hand, this usual action leads to many different tricks of Mario. And we have to master many aspects of gameplay to pass through all the levels, collect all the coins, accomplish interesting missions, and just save the kingdom from evil Bowser. If we tap for a long time, Mario jumps higher. If we tap at certain moments, Mario performs special moves on heads of his enemies, or begins to jump on vertical walls… And it may be easily felt, that the developers thought about the gameplay properly – it is really an amazing adventure!!

Super Mario Run - Bowser
What about game levels and modes in Mario Run? There is a story behind of all that running and jumping. Bowser, an evil creature, occupied the Mushroom kingdom with his evil army and kidnapped beautiful princess Peach. So Mario should clear many “worlds” with 4 levels in each. He fights small Goombas and Koopas, he prepares himself to battle against Bowser…

Super Mario Run - kingdom
Along with the main “World Tour” mode, we have two more ways of playing Super Mario Run: Race and Building of our own kingdom! In races, we compete with real players, and this brings to the game a sort of multiplayer mode. The kingdom should be rebuild after the Bowser’s invasion, and this adds some creativity to the game.

Play Super Mario Run

We in Very Good Games have prepared a bigger Mario Run review with more detailed explanations of gameplay…

Super Mario Run screenshots and description of the game

By the way, we also prepare a review and walkthrough of the legendary Super Mario Bros. game – one of the best adventure platformer ever made. We plan to publish it soon.

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