Mar 27, 2017

Sparkle 2

Sparkle 2 online
It is a fun and dynamic game, where we should stop chains of color balls and don’t let them fall into a hole. We have a special device for this – a cannon-like thing that shoots the same balls. If to hit a chain and create a group of three or more balls of one color, they all will disappear, the chain will become smaller, and chances to eliminate all the balls will be higher. To finish a game level, we have to deal with several waves of the balls. Different bonus items may help in difficult situations! They appear on the screen, and we can shoot them to activate their effect – slowing the chain, shooting powerful energy balls, moving the chain little back…

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This kind of game is a bit similar to tower defense strategies. For example, we can try and stop evil people, which want to occupy castles all over a virtual country – this happens in the Crusader Defense game.

Crusader Defense free tower defense strategy formobile devices