Mar 25, 2017

Receptionist's Revenge

Receptionist's Revenge game screenshot
It’s not very nice to play bad jokes on people! But it is much worse to be like the boss from this game – push people to work hard and spoil their health by awful smoke from his cigar. That fat and cruel man can only watch under skirts of young girls and reproach his workers. The game hero became so tired of this, that he has decided to teach a lesson to his boss! The guy has prepared some nasty things and now he waits for a moment to put them into the boss’s coffee. Will you help him to do so? Watch the fat man attentively, and when he is looking aside, tap to activate the prank. Do it carefully – when the boss looks at the guy, your hero should turn to his computer and continue to work. How many points will you get in the game before the hero will be fired? After all, this may be the best decision for him – just quit this work in style!

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Later, the guy may decide to open his own business and become a billionaire. And on the Very Good Games blog we have a quite useful simulator of such process – play the game “I want to be a billionaire”!

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