Mar 25, 2017

How to play Pokemon Duel: All the game modes

Pokemon Duel tutorial for beginners
Pokemon Duel proposes different kinds of its multiplayer mode and different possibilities in its single player mode. It may be a bit difficult to figure out what to choose for playing at the beginning, how to play in the most efficient way, and how just get maximum from the game! But it may seem difficult only if you haven’t read our explanation in this Pokemon Duel tutorial! So, let’s start! ))

In common words, there are two types of the single mode: training and quests. And three types of the multiplayer mode: league matches, room matches, and special tournaments (or Gym Cups).

Training– a source of experience and items!

When we just start playing Pokemon Duel, the game invites us to the series of training matches with virtual instructors. It’s a nice possibility to understand basic principles and to get some very useful objects. The button of the training section is located on the start window, as shown in the picture below:

Pokemon Duel tutorial - training matches

It is really worth to pass through all the training! And not just win duels but also accomplish special missions. It will give additional items, such as gems, which are very helpful during the game. 


Use every opportunity to collect gems, ingots, metal, and cubes! And spent them wisely! A lot of mistakes can be made by beginners. And they may be avoided after reading our tutorials:
  • How to get and how to spend gems in Pokemon Duel (in developing at the moment).


Quests – a story mode

Many gamers get used to see story modes directly on games’ start pages and enter a main single mode missions from the very beginning of playing. And Pokemon Duel may really surprise – its single mode, the main story of the game, is… hidden among others buttons in the menu! It called “quests”, and it’s easy just to miss it!

So, to play Pokemon Duel in the single player story mode, tap the “Menu” button and the “Quests” button, as shown in the picture below:

Pokemon Duel tutorial - quests or single player story mode

The internal story of Pokemon Duel is simple but attractive! There is a huge tournament for all the players of Pokemon Figure Game. The event takes place on a virtual island, a resort with many luxury hotels. One of them, the highest and just the best one, is the main prize! To win it, competitors should pass through many Pokemon Duel matches with different virtual characters. 

Every hotel contains a lot of floors, and every floor is a match with a new opponent. On every floor, we can get gems for completing a challenge list with missions, similar to those in the training mode. And also, these duels give special prizes, including figures of Pokemon. There are more than one prize in the story duels, so we can play one match again and again, until getting all prize objects, chosen randomly.

At the start, quests in Pokemon Duel are quite easy. Too easy, in fact. But soon we meet really skilled opponents and very interesting missions, such us winning with a limited number of moves, surrounding a specific number of Pokemon, getting some number of purple, blue, or goldattacks


Even starter duels of the quests will be not easy to win without knowing the game basis! We explain it in the review “Pokemon Duel – a digital board game with Pocket Monsters”.


Playing the Pokemon Duel’s story mode is an interesting but very long process. And the game makes a limitation of attempts – every quest takes a bit of green energy, shown in the upper left corner of the screen. Don’t wait winning all the quests before trying the multiplayer mode, the main and the most exciting part of the game! But at the same time – do not ignore the quests! They will give essential experience and useful items.

League matches – Pokemon Duel in all its power!

The league matches are the main mode in the Pokemon Duel game. The big “Play” button on the start page is a way to multiplayer league matches. When we tap it, the game looks for a real opponent for us, and then a duel begins…

Pokemon Duel tutorial - league matches


For becoming successful in the single player quests and in the multiplayer mode, it will be nice to understand main principles of different game strategies. Although there is no any 100% successful strategy in Pokemon Duel, we create very useful guidance on this topic. Read it soon in the tutorial How to play Pokemon Duel: let’s win a duel!.


Why this mode is called «League Matches»? Because every player has his ranking in the Pokemon Duel game. This ranking determines in which league he or she plays:
  • Trainer – with rankings up to 1299 points;
  • Leader - with rankings from 1300 points;
  • Elite - with rankings from 1500 points;
  • Champion - with rankings from 1700 points;
  • Great - with rankings from 1900 points;
  • Ultra - with rankings from 2100 points;
  • Master - with rankings from 2100 points.
What do those leagues mean? By playing and winning league matches, we can get Time Boosters, special items that give Pokemon figures and items. In high leagues, Time Boosters contain more powerful Pokemon, which just unavailable in lower leagues. But in higher leagues, we play with stronger opponents. And this is pretty fairly because we meet players that match our own skills.

How to enter a new league? How do we go into a lower league? When we get enough points from winning league matches, as mentioned in the list ahead, we get promotion and just enter a new league. But to get demotion for losing points after unsuccessful duels, our ranking should become much lower that an entry level. 

For example, we enter Great League with 1900 points of the ranking but go to the lower Champion League only when the ranking becomes less than 1800 points.


Since the leagues have significant influences on which Pokemon figures we get in the game, we continue to talk about them in the tutorial How to play Pokemon Duel: what should we know about figures. There you will also find our explanation of Time Boosters! 


Room matches – a chance for duels with “non-random” opponents

In the game menu, we can find a section with another one kind of multiplayer duels. It’s named “Room Matches” and it’s very similar to the main league matches. The difference is in the choosing of opponents for duels. If in a league match the game looks for an opponent among all players with similar ranking, in a room match we play with opponents from the same “room”, with players that have access to a particular group.

In the game, we can create a room (public or private with a key) or enter an already existing one. 
  • In a private room we can play with a particular opponent, giving him or her a key, or using a key, created by another player;
  • In a public room we can participate in rooms, created near to our real physical place. Or wait for an opponent, who will participate in a match of our room.
After the Major Update of Pokémon Duel, made in August of 2017, Room Matches got a new really interesting feature – halls for playing with different conditions appeared in the game. These conditions concern types of allowed Pokémon, their rarity. In some Halls, players get special advantages for some Pokémon types – the same as in Gym Cups. Success in Hall Matches gives different useful prizes.

All the Room Matches have no influence on the common or monthly rankings of Pokémon trainers.

    Pokemon Duel tutorial - room matches

    Tournaments – duels for Cups!

    If other kinds of the multiplayer mode are available all the time, the tournaments in Pokemon Duel are special events for a limited period. They differ from league and room matches by special conditions and by special prizes!

    Conditions of a tournament are based on Pokemon types, chosen for it. 
    For example, it can be tournament Fighting Gym Cup, Flying Gym Cup, Dragon Gym Cup… One Pokemon type gets extra move points (MP) – in the Fighting Gym Cup, all Fighting Pokemon with 1 and 2 MP (those who can move on 1 and 2 points) got 1 extra MP. Also, one additional type gets some advantage in duels – in the Dragon Gym Cup, all Fairy Pokemon got +20 to their white attacks.

    Prizes in the tournaments can be taken in two ways:
    • for a number of wins, we get specified objects, such as cubes and figures. The list of prizes can be found on the page of a tournament. Usually, there are really nice Pokemon figures and powerful items, but to get them we have to achieve a lot of victories;
    • for a chain of successive wins, we get special Boosters. The longer line, the better Booster! We can pay gems to not break a line after losing. 
    Pokemon Duel tutorial - Tournaments or Gym Cup matches

    Tournaments, or Gym Cups, make the Pokemon Duel game even more interesting! And it is the only place in Pokemon Duel game where the Pokemon types matter. So we have a motivation to create a nice collection of different Pokemon figures and not “merge” them all in the Fusion section – better to have Pokemon of different types for future tournaments than use their experience for our favorite creatures.

    Here, on the Very Good Games, we share our experience of playing Pokemon Duel in the tutorial “How to play Pokemon Duel: Tips and tricks”, which will be helpful and for beginners, and for advanced players - it is in development right now...

    Pokemon Duel tips and tricks on Very Good Games

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