Mar 4, 2017

StreetRace Fury

StreetRace Fury screenshot
Adrenaline competitions take place on night city streets – drivers on their best cars try to demonstrate outstanding reaction and become a legend of drag racing. Will you join them in this exciting game? At the beginning of the career, you will get a simple car, but it is good enough to show spectacular speed and win money for a better auto! Since this is drag racing, you should forget about steering wheel and concentrate on the gearbox – change gear when the hand of the tachometer approaches the red zone. The best result will be achieved if you change gear on the small green zone. Spend bonus money on making your machine a stylish one and on improving its significant characteristics!

StreetRace Fury play online

Running in virtual worlds is as interesting entertainment as racing! Maybe Subway Surfers run from the inspector just to have fun, running on railways of different countries?

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