Apr 6, 2017


Agar.io game screenshot
The wild world of miniature bacteria and germs is very cruel and very dangerous. We can have a glimpse into it and try to feel how awful it is when everybody tries to eat everybody, to grow bigger and to eat even more…
This game has become a classic one – it proposes a unique gameplay that afterward has been taken as a basis for many other multiplayer games. We control a small round bacterium that swims in huge massive of virtual agar. There is a lot of food for the creature, and it makes our bacterium big and powerful. And there are a lot of other bacteria! Different players control them, trying to feed these creatures and make bigger than anybody else. We need to be deft and fast in controlling the game hero – dangers are all around, and the same with food and victims! How long will it survive? How many points will we get in one game attempt? If our bacterium touches another one, smaller, it will eat that victim and grow really fast.  If a bigger bacterium touches ours, this game attempt will be over.

The game can be quite attractive and interesting! We can master some tricks, such as dividing our big bacteria and shooting a part of it at a victim. And we can activate cool skins for agar.io creatures, perform daily quests, try different modes, play with friends on our own map...

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