Apr 7, 2017

Pirate Booty

Pirate Booty game screenshot
Guys, what do you think about pirates? Are they cool adventurers, how it is shown in some movies? Are they just cruel gangsters, how it is proved by historical facts? 
This game reckons that pirates are dangerous criminals, and peaceful people need to be saved from them. Ships of these rascals visit different places of the virtual world, and bloody robberies can be started any moment. In this situation, we can use powerful bombs and dynamites to stop pirates! Put them in the best places of a game location and knock all the bandits out into the water! An amount of explosive is limited, so it is nice to think properly where to activate it. The faster we accomplish every task the better will be our results in the game. A lot of levels, which gradually become harder and more interesting, promises really cool gaming time ))

Fun mini shooter Pirate Booty

Sometimes evil characters make a lot of problem for… themselves. Like an Angry Necromancer that has created an army of zombies and now should battle against these creatures!

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