Apr 3, 2017

Birdy Rush

Birdy Rush game screenshot
What a lucky little bird – it has found a place where tasty grains fall from the sky! What a risky little bird – it is ready to run between falling crates for eating once for a while… It is more likely that the creature has begun this adventure for fun, not for food. And gamers can participate in the bird’s entertainment
Move the game hero left and right to avoid crates and collect grains. The bird climbs on high platforms automatically, but we should act fast to save it from crashes. What a score will you earn in this fun game? Will you be able to open all the locations and all the birds?

Birdy Rush - fun arcade game

While birds run on the ground, the sky becomes full of aircraft. What about flying in virtual locations of an amazing game Swoop on the Very Good Games blog?

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