Apr 3, 2017

Let’s visit Monaco! With Subway Surfers :)

News about uodate of the Subway Surfers game
This popular running game regularly changes locations. And now Jake and his fellows visit Monaco, a fancy European city on the shore of Mediterranean seas. The place is quite a famous by its glamour luxury and pleasant climate. But what will we have of real Monaco in the game?

To play Subway Surfers on Android or iOS devices, instal the game from an appropriate marketplace:
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On the Very Good Games blog, we have a short review of the game. So if you are a newcomer in this endlessly long running adventures, we recommend discovering all the cool features of the Subway Surfers game from that article.

And what about Monaco? As always, designers have made an amazing work in the game, so railway tracks look like colorful fairyland, full of the Easter spirit. Gamers will have a chance to get new characters, collect specific artifacts, and… just have fun, of course.

The gameplay of Subway Surfers wasn’t really changed. But it is also cool, because we don’t have to learn new tricks and can demonstrate if we have mastered all those jumps, dodges, and slides. New graphics, what that matters in this Subway Surfers update. 

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