Apr 4, 2017

Exploration Lite: Mining

Exploration Lite: Mining game screenshot
There is an amazing treasure in the depth of the virtual Earth. Really deep! And there is an enthusiastic miner that wants to get that gold. Really wants! He wants this so badly, that is ready to dig a long-long tunnel in the hard ground even with a… fork! And he will dig till the full exhaustion in every attempt. Let’s not leave the guy alone and help him! Not to dig – the game hero does this on his own. But to collect on the way precious golden nuggets for future updates, helpful bombs for fast destroying of many ground blocks, and extra energy for digging even longer! We can move the miner in a bit different directions – to the sides or diagonally. This is good for reaching really nice places in the ground. For example, with precious gems. Between attempts, buy new tools, more bombs and energy!

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Free mini game, similar to Minecraft - Exploration Lite: Mining

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