Apr 4, 2017

Fire Gym Cup takes place in the Pokemon Duel game!

News about Fire Gym Cup in Pokemon Duel
We have another one chance to show powerfulness of our Pokemon figures – new tournament has been begun just today, 4th of April, in the world of Pokemon Duel! It is Fire Gym Cup, and two types of Pocket Monsters have advantages in it. Fire Pokemon with 1 and 2 MP (Move Points) will get 1 extra MP. All Ground Pokemon will get +20 points to their White Attack sections.

So, let the Cup begin!

*** An update!
Fire Gym Cup is finished already. But still, information from this article may be helpful for your Pokemon Duel playing))

How to participate in Fire Gym Cup of Pokemon Duel?

As with all other tournaments of this game, the button of Fire Gym Cup is located on the start game screen. Just tap on it and begin playing!

Pokemon Duel tutorial about Gym Cup matches

Are there some special conditions for the tournament?

Start screen of the Fire Gym Cup in Pokemon Duel
No, any player can participate in the Cup. Of course, Fire and Ground Pokemon will make your team stronger. But it is not necessary to have them. After a couple of successful duels, you can get nice Pokemon of these types.


For beginners in the game we recommend reading our review: “Pokemon Duel – a digital board game with Pocket Monsters”. A lot of basic information has been explained there!


What does the tournament give to players?

Fire Gym Cup in Pokemon Duel - examples of rewards
List of rewards for numbers of wins located on the tournament’s screen. It is worth to mention powerful Pokemon Groudon – we can get him after 35 wins or from special Gym Boosters. Also, there are a lot of nice Ingots, Cubes, and Rare Metal – we have Pokemon Duel tutorial about using these items!

Gold Gym Booster in Pokemon Duel
To have a lot of cool figures and items from Gym Boosters, we can try and get gold Boosters for 11 consecutive wins. If a player has lost a duel, he can pay gems and continue playing without losing a consecutive chain.

For playing in Gym Cups, Pokemon trainers spend green energy from the battery-like bar. But if it is empty, we can pay gems for replenishing and continue playing.

Which Pokemon are better to take for Fire Gym Cup?

Example of a deck for Fire Gym Cup Pokemon Duel
There is no a 100% successful team in the Pokemon Duel game. Your deck depends on your own style. And of course, on Pokemon that you get in the game.

Fire Gum Cup is a part of the series of tournaments in Pokemon Duel. We have described this mode along with other possibilities of the game in the tutorial “How to play Pokemon Duel: All the game modes”.

Pokemon Duel tutorial about game modes

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