Apr 19, 2017

Welcome to Grass Gym Cup in the Pokemon Duel game!

News about Grass Gym Cup - a tournament in Pokemon Duel
Hey guys! Are your Pokemon ready for another one great event in the virtual board game with Pocket Monsters? Are you ready to demonstrate miracles of strategic thinking and get a lot of cool rewards in Pokemon Duel? 

Grass Gym Cup is a new link in the series of tournaments in this game. The previous one was Fire Gym Cup, in which Fire and Ground Pokemon had advantages. 

Who will get extra Move Points this time? And whose attacks will become stronger? 
What rewards wait for us? And which Pokemon are the best in the tournament? 

All the answers are in this news!

*** An update!
Grass Gym Cup is finished already. But still, information from this article may be helpful for your Pokemon Duel playing))

Where to find Grass Gym Cup in Pokemon Duel

Pokemon Types with advantages in Grass Gym Cup

It is quite clear from the very name of the tournament, that Grass Type Pokemon should be better than other figures in one way or another. And they are! All the Grass creatures in Pokemon Duel with 1 or 2 Move Points (MP) have got 1 additional MP. So they can cover bigger distances on the game field in all tournament duels!

Another one type of Pokemon has got an advantage too. All the Poison Pokemon have +20 points to their White and Gold Attacks.

The main prizes in Grass Gym Cup

As usual, players can take a lot of different rewards from this Pokemon Duel tournament. They are nice Cubes, Rare Metal, and Ingots, which can be taken as prizes for a particular number of victories, or as a content of special Gym Boosters. But the main attractions of Grass Gym Cup are cool Pokemon figures! And they are Magikarp and Gyarados.

Possible rewards in Grass Gym Cup of Pokemon Duel

Magikarp - Pokemon as reward in Grass Gym Cup
Magikarp can be taken even after 10 victories in the tournament. This fish Pokemon is not powerful at all. But it has a unique ability to evolve into its mighty form of Gyarados even without winning a battle. If Magikarp loses a battle, it can not only evolve, but continue this duel without being knocked out from the field.

Gyarados - Pokemon as reward in Grass Gym Cup
Gyarados is a very nice Pokemon! We can take this figure after 25 victories. Its Data Disk contains a big White Section with 100 points. And a Purple Section of Storm with 1 star – an opponent may be knocked out of the field by it. But Gyarados may become even more powerful if it wasn’t taken to a duel directly but evolved from Magikarp – he get +1 MP and, of course, as all evolved Pokemon in Pokemon Duel, he get +10 Points to his White and Gold Attacks and +1 star to his Purple Attacks.

Pokemon Duel tutorial about figures
Read more about evolution of Pokemon figures and about their different abilities in our tutorial “How to play Pokemon Duel: What we should know about figures”.

Which Pokemon are the best in Grass Gym Cup

Of course, we can choose only those figures, which we have in our Pokemon Duel collection. But maybe you have a lot of creatures, or have got a lot of Materials and can buy a new Pokemon from the shop. So we have created a list of the best Pokemon for this tournament.

Notice, that it is not necessary to fill your Deck only with Grass and Poison Types. Some Pokemon figures (such as Deoxys) are good enough even without special Gym effects.

One of the figures is worth of special attention – Venusaur! This creature is both of Grass and Poison Types. So he will have two MP on the Grass Gym Cup and quite powerful White Attacks – 70 and 150 points. If you like a risk, you may take on duels Bulbasaur to evolve him into Ivysaur, which then evolves into Venusaur. All the evolution forms of this Pokemon family are of Grass and Poison types.

Nice Pokemon of Grass type

Venusaur - Pokemon for Grass Gym Cup in Pokemon DuelTorterra - Pokemon for Grass Gym Cup in Pokemon Duel

Shiftry - Pokemon for Grass Gym Cup in Pokemon DuelChesnaught - Pokemon for Grass Gym Cup in Pokemon Duel

Virizion - Pokemon for Grass Gym Cup in Pokemon DuelGrovyle - Pokemon for Grass Gym Cup in Pokemon Duel

Sceptile - Pokemon for Grass Gym Cup in Pokemon DuelTropium - Pokemon for Grass Gym Cup in Pokemon Duel

Nice Pokemon of Poison type

Drapion - Pokemon for Grass Gym Cup in Pokemon DuelWeezing - Pokemon for Grass Gym Cup in Pokemon Duel

Seviper - Pokemon for Grass Gym Cup in Pokemon DuelArbok - Pokemon for Grass Gym Cup in Pokemon Duel

To play Gym Matches of this tournament, players should spend special green energy from the battery-like bar. Every duel takes 40 points of energy. We can pay 10 gems to restore that bar and continue playing.

Also, gems will become helpful for keeping chains of consecutive wins. If you lost a duel, pay 10 gems and continue developing your consecutive Gym Boosters. This way is easier to reach a golden Gym Booster for 11 consecutive wins.

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