Apr 20, 2017

Coins in Pokemon Duel

Pokemon Duel tutorial - how to use coins, from where to get coins in the game
Among other game items, coins in Pokemon Duel are a bit special. We can feel lack of them, if do not know from where to take them. And then we will become so full of coins that will not know where to use them.

This Pokemon Duel tutorial helps to understand sources of coins in the game and shows ways of spending them.

How to get coins in Pokemon Duel

The most efficient way of increasing amount of coins in your Pokemon Duel account is changing gold Ingots in the shop. We have told about this in the tutorial “Cubes, Ingots, and Rare Metal in Pokemon Duel” but the information is worth of repeating – many beginners in this game with Pocket Monsters make mistakes with Ingots and then don’t know from where to take coins.

The poster below explains how to use Ingots in Pokemon Duel quite clearly. And this is an answer to the question about coins too.

Pokemon Duel tutorial about using golden ingots in the game

If you always change Ingots on coins, and do not use them in the Fusion section, you will have enough coins. Even more than enough…

Pokemon Dueal tutorial - Gold Ingots of four different sizes

But of course, players need to get Ingots first. They are quite common in: 
  • Time Boosters, special boxes with figures and items, which can be opened after some time. Players get them after winning league matches;
  • Locked Boosters, which are very similar to Time Boosters, but can be opened only after collecting 10 keys from playing league matches;
  • Gym Boosters and Gym rewards, which we take by winning Gym matches, or matches on special Pokemon Duel tournaments.
Also Gold Ingots may be taken as reward for daily missions, as login bonus, as prize in the Pokemon Duel story mode, or quests.

Pokemon Duel tutorial about different game modes
If you feel confused with all those Leagues, Gym matches, and quests, read our tutorial “How to play Pokemon Duel: All the game modes”.

Quite often, the Pokemon Duel game gives coins directly. Players can get them as a reward for accomplishing daily missions and quests of the single player story mode. Since other prizes there are gems, Cubes, Rare Metal, and Booster Tickets, coins become not the best reward at all.

Pokemon Duel tutorial - from where to get coins in the game

In the game, players have another one method of getting coins. And we strongly recommend do not use it! You can change your figures and plates on coins in the shop. This gives not so much “cash”, so better merge extra figures with your other Pokemon, and keep plates for possible future opportunities.

And here we come to the question…

How to use coins in Pokemon Duel?

Almost every action in the Fusion section costs coins. When we merge figures with each other to concentrate their experience in one Pokemon, we should pay coins. When we merge figures with Rare Metal to extract experience from that game item, we should pay coins for this.

The Fusion section is the only way to spend coins in the Pokemon Duel game. Usually players just don’t have so much merging to perform, and they collect a lot of coins. Really a lot…

Tutorial - How to use coins in the Pokemon Duel game

The only possible way to feel lack of coins is to merge every figure you get in the game. For example, when you do not create a collection of Pokemon and keep only a few the best figures. So you merge all newcomers. And when get even more powerful Pokemon, merge it with your old and already not so cool figures.

This style of playing Pokemon Duel has one problem. When a tournament begins in the game, Pokemon of some types get advantage in it. And it may happen that you didn’t keep such creatures…

Having many coins makes no problems at all – they are just numbers on the game screen.

If you are a beginner in Pokemon Duel and look for explanations of game basics, we recommend reading our tutorial “Pokemon Duel – a digital board game with Pocket Monsters”.

Pokemon Duel game review

Different features of Pokemon figures are explained in the tutorial “How to play Pokemon Duel: What should we know about figures”.

Pokemon Duel tutorial about figures

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