Apr 4, 2017

Hex Puzzle

Hex Puzzle game screenshot
Let’s train our brains and have fun at the same time! In this interesting brain teaser, we should create straight lines of colorful hexagon cells in one big hexagon field – from one side to another. These lines will disappear and bring bonus points. The game gives figures of different forms (made of hexagons, of course :) ), and a smart gamer should find a nice place for them. Think tactically – predict situations on the field and try to avoid “overcrowding” of the big hexagon. Don’t bother about colors! They have no influence on the gameplay. What will be your best result in this puzzle game?

Hex Puzzle - free and interesting brain teaser

This kind of virtual entertainment is a bit similar to jigsaw puzzles. Do you like them? We recommend trying out Jigsaw Puzzle Classic on the Very Good Games blog!

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