Apr 26, 2017


Orkio game screenshot
A powerful wizard has decided to clear his beautiful virtual world from all the evil monsters. He boldly comes to dangerous locations and shoots powerful spells on attacking creatures. There are lots of enemies around, so our hero should act as fast as possible – even because of small delays, monsters can touch the wizard, so this game attempt will be over. Will you help the fantastic guy to accomplish his mission?

Tap every monster on the screen and collect dropped artifacts. The game bonuses are similar to odd magical eyes, and they help to activate special spells: protective shields and explosions. To take those eyes, tap them. But do not get distracted by them when a lot of monsters are floating around – first get rid of dangers! After waves of usual monsters, the wizard faces bosses, especially powerful creatures. Can you defeat them?

Orkio - free clicker game

When game heroes have no wand and magical powers, they still may have a nice gun to kill awful monsters. Like the guy from the “K.U.L.I.” shooter, which not only battles zombies but also rescues a lot of guys…

Free online shooting game K.U.L.I.