Apr 25, 2017

Fox adventurer

Fox adventurer game screenshot
A fox was bored at home, so he begins an adventure expedition! In the game, he meets many mysterious places and collects precious crystals there. Gamers help the hero to grab keys and reach the castle to continue adventures in new locations. To do so, we can perform a magic trick – change day to night or otherwise. These changes make some platforms disappear or some holes become closed. 

Our fox moves automatically, changing direction every time he bumps onto walls. To take artifacts we can activate jumps. If a platform, a key, or a crystal is too high for the fox’s jump, we can perform another one kind of magic – turn the hero into a solid block and create… a new fox to continue playing. These blocks are nice stairs. And we can remove them later. With a lot of levels and a bit tricky locations, the game proposes really cool gaming adventures!

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Fox adventurer - free mini game

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