Apr 18, 2017

Baboo: Rainbow Puzzle

Baboo: Rainbow Puzzle game screenshot
What a fun idea – to use in a puzzle game cute animals instead of usual color blocks! And what a pleasant and relaxed gaming it is – to fill horizontal and vertical lines on the game board without bothering about which exactly creature will be in every cell!

So it is not a classic matching game, because we do not need to group identical objects. In this online brain teaser, we think about forms of groups, which we add to the field – they have to fill the space with a minimum of gaps. There always should be a place for new animals, otherwise the game attempt will be over. Every created line from one side to another disappears, turning into magical rainbows.

The game is really attractive and interesting. How long can you continue it during one try? Place all the three given groups of animals during the time limitation! Try to avoid situations with no possible moves!

Baboo: Rainbow Puzzle free mini game

Another one game with similar gameplay is Hex Puzzles. We have a different form of the field there and small colorful hexagons instead of animals.

Hex Puzzles game online

Some virtual creatures prefer more active games. Like a square-headed but still cute hero of the Endless Lake adventure:

Endless Lake adventure game online