Apr 17, 2017

Exit Isol8

Exit Isol8 game screenshot
An astronaut is trapped on a space station. Somewhere, among many-many rooms and corridors, an exit can be found. But to do so, the game hero should open a lot of doors on his way. On the one hand, it’s so easy to do this – just coming close to special computers will be totally enough. But on the other hand, it is quite a hard task, and the brain work will be needed to accomplish it! First, our guy should move blocks around him, to just open a way or even to build a kind of stairs to a computer. Then, he should clear a way to the doors…

One wrong move may block all other actions. But gamers can undo their game steps and make other decisions. The further we go with the astronaut, the harder and more interesting rooms we meet in this virtual adventure – it is like an escaping quest and a puzzle game at the same time!

The space station is really huge and many interesting possibilities may be found here!

#Logic     #Planning     #Spatial orientation     #Improvisation

Exit Isol8 free online quest

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