Apr 29, 2017


Shards game screenshot
A ball flies in a closed game field, destroying colorful pieces on its way. The goal of every game level is to clear the field! Players control a moving platform in the lower part of the screen, trying to prevent the ball from falling. There is a limited number of balls, so better don’t waste them! Time after time, useful power-ups fall from destroyed pieces – catch them! For example, it may be “slow ball” or “power ball” features for better controlling or for better destroying. But these items may cause negative effects too, such as “small platform” or “fast ball”.

This online game is a cool version of classic Arkanoid! Gamers have got here a lot of levels with interesting groups of pieces and many-many amazing features. Can you finish all the game stages? Can you do this quickly and get all the bonus stars?

Shards - arkanoid game online for free

In the Hex Puzzle game, we have another one style of destroying colorful pieces. First, we should create lines of them, and then they vanish!

Hex Puzzle game online for free