Apr 28, 2017

Nintendo 2DS XL – a new format of the cool console has been announced

News about announcing on Nintendo 2DS XL
The success of Nintendo Switch, releasing of Super Mario Run and Pokemon Duel for Android and iOS devices – it is obvious that Nintendo doesn’t stand on one point and does develop lots of new cool stuff. And now we have exciting news from the Japanese game company! Their portative console Nintendo 2DS will be updated to a new format with a bigger screen and more ergonomic design. The name of the new console is Nintendo 2DS XL and it will be available in Australia and New Zealand from 15 of July for 200 AUD, and in the USA from 28 of July for 150 USD. Nintendo has confirmed the release in Europe but the price and the date is unknown.

So, what can we tell about this console right now? Is it worth to begin putting money into our piggy boxes, awaiting for the official release?

Nintendo 2DS XL - a new portable game console

There are not so many unique features in this particular console, but they are really super cool! They turn a bit old Nintendo 2DS to a nice device for gaming.

First of all, look at ergonomic! The classic Nintendo 2DS was one big flat thing, not really convenient for carrying in a pocket or even in a backpack. Nintendo 2DS XL is similar to the 3DS XL consoles – players can close it as a book and make it really a portable one. Also, the device is lighter than the predecessor. 

Then, let’s look at the screen! It is big!! It is as big as the screen of Nintendo 3DS XL but without 3D function. For some gamers, it may be a negative side. But for others, this is really nice – 2D graphics are quite enough to have a lot of fun in games and do not tire our eyes with that 3D feature.

The new Nintendo 2DS XL console supports Amiibo figures.

Portable game consoles from Nintendo 2DS, 2DS XL, and 3DS XL

A question may arise – why to buy Nintendo 2DS XL if there are so many cool smartphones for playing games? We can point to three significant reasons:

  1. Library of quality games. Nintendo is one of the best developers and makes really amazing games. And they are available mostly through Nintendo consoles only. With Nintendo 2DS XL we can get Super Mario Maker, Pokemon Sun and Moon, Fire Emblem Echoes, Hey! Pikmin, Miitopia… 
  2. Convenient controlling. Playing games with D-Pad, action-buttons, and handy С-stick gives amazing feelings! And touch screen just can’t give the same. This is a huge advantage of all portative game consoles.
  3. Nothing will draw our attention away from games. When we dive into game worlds of Nintendo 2DS XL, we can enjoy them without bothering about notifications from different applications or about phone calls. Games and only games – this is cool indeed!

So, let’s wait for the release! And maybe to that time, we’ll get some news about other portable game consoles. Who knows, what can make Sony, for example? Their PlayStation Vita is a nice competitor to Nintendo devices!

Meanwhile, we can enjoy other Nintendo products even without buying consoles. This will show their quality and their style: