Apr 21, 2017

Sheep Adventure

Sheep Adventure Game screenshot
What about a fun matching game, guys? Virtual sheep have prepared interesting online puzzle with a lot of exciting missions. Here we have many color blocks, mixed with each other chaotically. Gamers may tap on groups of three or more identical blocks to make them vanish from the game field. It seems like quite a simple task, but the work of brain will be essential for accomplishing levels! In some of them, we should collect particular bonus objects. In others – clear the field for a certain percentage… To succeed, try to think a few steps forward! What to delete for creating really big groups? How to avoid situations with no possible moves?

This online puzzle game becomes even more interesting in higher levels! Players face difficult missions and get some magical items as a help…

#Attention     #Planning     #Constancy

Sheep Adventure - free matching game

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