Apr 22, 2017

Easy Joe World

Easy Joe World game screenshot
Joe, a phantasmagorical rabbit, wants to see the world and participate in a party of his friends. To do so, he should walk through few game levels, full of different obstacles. And gamers help the hero to pass through all angry guys, to open all doors, and to activate all tricky mechanisms.

This interesting game has been made in a style of point and click quests – tap objects around Joe to make them move and work. Sometimes only a specific consecutiveness will help to finish levels, so a bit of thinking may be more efficient than random touching everything in the virtual location.

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Easy Joe World - mini quest point and click

Adventures of Joe are quite fun and will be a nice choice for relaxed gaming time! We even can continue playing with the installed version of the game, which has much more levels! To install Easy Joe World on Android and iOS devices, visit an appropriate marketplace:

A button to play Easy Joe World game on Android smartphones and tablets        A button to play Easy Joe World game on Apple smartphones and tablets - iPad, iPhone

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