Apr 28, 2017

Soccer Bubbles

Soccer Bubbles game screenshot
Do you like soccer? Do you enjoy interesting and dynamic puzzles? Why not try this amazing online game, made in style of soccer? Here, we have a big group of color balls. A sportsman stays in front of it and hits to it other balls to make with them groups of three or more identical – they disappear, allowing keeping the game field clear. Time after time new balls are added to the screen, so if not to create clusters of the same color, soon the game will be over.

Try to hit really big groups of balls to get a lot of bonus points. Think strategically to create huge clusters for future, to keep them open for a time when an appropriate ball will appear, to destroy groups on the basis of the common group and make disappear all balls that were joined to it. How many points can you earn in one game attempt?

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Soccer Bubbles free puzzle game

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