Apr 2, 2017

Tap the Frog

Tap the Frog game screenshot
Let’s play with a cute green frog! We have not one game here but a lot of mini games, united by one hero. Participate in different interesting activities, collect bonus stars, open achievements, reach “prestigious” rankings for the frog, and just have a lot of fun!
At the start, the frog proposes playing in a few sections. After collecting stars, we can open new exciting tasks. For example, the game begins with simple taps on the frog – how many a gamer can pop for a limited time? Also, there is coloring of frogs (make them all of one color), jumping over obstacles (choose a correct type of jumps and do this fast), flying to the Moon (activate engine and collect bubbles)…

Tap the Frog free game

The game is really a cool one and remains attractive for a long time! It is available not only in a browser window but also for installing on iOS and Android devices:

Play Tap the Frog on Android devices        Play Tap the Frog on iPhones and IPads

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