May 23, 2017

Boss Level Shootout

Boss Level Shootout - game screenshots
Usually, the evilest creatures of games wait for heroes at the end of levels – they are mighty bosses and battles with them are like tests of our gaming skills… But what if a game has nothing else except those powerful bosses? Will you be able to defeat them without training on weaker minions?

This free online game proposes such an adventure! A virtual guy was sucked into a game console, and now he should win battles with many bosses to become free.  One boss mightier than another! They look like angry alive computers and fly over the hero, throwing dangerous objects at him. Sometimes we need to shoot them and avoid their weapons at the same time. In some levels, we play with no weapon in hands and can only grab rockets and bombs, which fall from the sky. The game proposes upgrades to become ready for the strongest bosses!

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Boss Level Shootout - free game for computers, tablets and smartphones on the blog for smart gamers

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