May 24, 2017

Pocket RPG

Pocket RPG - game screenshots
A guy begins his adventure in a vast and dangerous world. Will you help him to collect useful items and powerful weapon, to battle skeletons, and to accomplish interesting missions?

This is a very unusual game – in fact, this is a game book with many-many cards of locations. Cards reveal next parts of the storyline, propose different ways to new cards, give quests to perform… This is like a comic book with a feature for readers to participate in the story.

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Pocket RPG - free online game for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, for Windows and Mac computers

Adventure games also have interesting plots. And they propose a lot of exciting actions in the game virtuality! Check our collection of free online platformers here:

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An exploration of virtual worlds is an amazing part of gaming adventures! It is especially interesting when locations are huge and gamers have total freedom in them – like in the Minecraft game:

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There are no ways of enjoying games if health is destroyed by bad food and unnatural life habits. Is there a possibility to play games and keep nice health? Let’s figure out in the article “Healthy gaming”:

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