May 3, 2017

Drift Race

Drift Race game screenshots
Fantastic speed and difficult tracks – will you participate in adrenaline racing championship and try to win rewards in all three leagues? In this game, you can drive a few different cars. You begin with the simplest, but by earning precious crystals you activate upgrades and buy much better autos. Try and win at every of many game levels, overcoming competitors, collecting useful power-ups and avoiding obstacles.

On every track, racers should deal with a lot of boxes, water and oil puddles, sections of sand, and even bombs! These objects slow our car or stop it for a while. To keep the high speed and to finish races on first positions, we should learn the art of drift racing. Let your car slide on roads but in a controlled way! There is very helpful bonus items in the game – booster. This is a speed-up for the car, and better not to miss them.

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Drift Race free game for mobile devices

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