May 3, 2017

Water Gym Cup in Pokemon Duel. Whom to take into the team?

Pokemon Duel news - Water Gym Cup has started
Another one cool tournament has begun in the world of the Pokemon Duel game. This time it is Water Gym Cup, and it seems like players will find an activity for their Water Pokemon here. For example, for Gyarados, taken from the previous event – Grass Gym Cup

In Water Gym Cup, all the Water Pokemon with 1 and 2 Move Points (MP) get +1 MP. And all the Grass Pokemon get +20 points to their White and Gold Attacks.

So, let’s figure out, which Pokemon is the best in this event! And what can we get from it!

*** An update!
Water Gym Cup is finished already. But still, information from this article may be helpful for your Pokemon Duel playing))

First of all, we should find the tournament section. The poster below shows how to do so:

Pokemon Duel tutorial - how to play a Gym Cup


By the  way…
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As usual, Gym Cups in Pokemon Duel propose two types of rewards:
  • Prizes for consecutive victories. They are special Gym Boosters with nice items and Pokemon figures
  • Prizes for the numbers of wins in the tournament. The more victories, the better reward!
Rewards from Pokemon Water Gym Cup of Pokemon Duel game

The main reward in Water Gym Cup of Pokemon Duel is Kyogre – an EX Pokemon figure. Let’s look at this creature – is he good enough for playing Gym Matches?

Kyogre - the main reward in ater Gym Cup of the Pokemon Duel game
Kyogre is a Water type Pokemon with 1 Move Point – he can move only on 1 point on the game field. His Data Disk is interesting by a section with powerful White Attack (130), two Blue Dodge sections, and a 1-star Purple section with knocking neighboring Pokemon on 3 steps back. 

The best thing in the Kyogre figure is a special ability to get +1 MP and +20 points to Attack sections in case if Groudon, or Rayquaza, or Kyogre are present in an opponent’s team.


By the  way…
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To get Kyogre in Water Gym Cup, we should win duels 30 times. It’s quite a lot. Every Gym match takes 40 pieces of green energy – to replenish the energy bar players have to wait 2 minutes for 1 piece, or to pay 10 gems for the whole bar (100 pieces in its standard state).

The best Pokemon figure for Water Gym Cup

If you have many Pokemon figures in your collection, we recommend making your Gym team of these creatures:

Nice Water Type Pokemon:

Blastoise Pokemon Gyarados Pokemon

Lapras Pokemon Palkia Pokemon

Tentacool Pokemon Tentacruel Pokemon

Manaphy Pokemon Floatzel Pokemon

Nice Grass Type Pokemon:

Torterra PokemonVenusaur Pokemon

Chesnaught PokemonShiftry Pokemon

Sceptile PokemonVirizion Pokemon

Leafeon Pokemon Trevenant Pokemon

And of course, let’s not forget about other Pokemon, which can be very powerful even without any special abilities of this Gym Cup. Such as Groudon, which was a main reward in the Fire Gym Cup .

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