May 9, 2017

Eggs and Cars

Eggs and Cars free online game
Driving a car in virtual worlds – it not necessary means trying to reach a breakneck speed, overcome many competitors, or smash lots of obstacles on the way. Sometimes, a driving game asks for all possible accuracy and patience! We carry a fragile cargo and try to keep it undamaged as long as possible.

Here we have a small car with a… huge egg. Even a small rush leads to smashing the egg on a first hillock. And the same may happen because of too slow driving. So players should keep a specific balance all the time! The far you have reached and the more coins have collected, the more different cars are available in the shop.

We consider this game as a good one for smart gamers, because of its cute atmosphere and the nice training of calming down, being concentrated and very accurate   - these skills are essential for the real life too!

Eggs and Cars - free driving game for Windows, Mac, Android, IOS

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