May 11, 2017

Snap the Shape. Spring

Snap the Shape. Spring game screenshot
Fun creatures of this game have forms of different geometrical figures. They can’t really move, and only sit, blinking with their eyes. And it seems like they really want to be close to each other, to unite in one group. Let’s help them!

At every level of this online puzzle, we should place all the available creatures in the special slots. How to do so and repeat the exact form of the slots? This is the main task of the game. And a bit creativity, logic, and patience will be needed to perform it. Take geometrical creatures and find nice positions for them. Here we have a lot of missions – they are nice trainings for brains. And they can give a lot of fun while playing the game!

Snap the Shape. Spring - a free puzzle game for Android, PC, Mac, iOS devices

Another one interesting game of this genre is Fit It Quick:

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Also, we can find alive blocks in the online multiplayer game BlockorIo – players develop their blocky creatures, trying to make them biggest in the virtual world:

BlockorIo - a review of the mulriplayer game on the blog for smart gamers

Some game has blocks as main components of every object in them. And this is not only big and famous Minecraft but also fun mini games as the game with a square-headed guy that jumps on blocky mountains – play Bomb the Mountain on our gaming blog.

Bomb the Mountain - online game on the blog for smart gamers