May 1, 2017

Euro Soccer Sprint

Euro Soccer Sprint - free game
Classic football became a running competition in this online game! Choose your team and help your sportsman to run as far as possible. The track is quite unusual – it is a narrow road, floating in a stadium. Time after time, players of another team appear on it, or our guy meets holes and barriers. To keep running, we should activate jump, slide, or dodge. Also, these actions allow collecting many bonus coins. This game item is very useful! Gamers may pay a bit to continue running on one attempt – maybe an amazing record will be set in this way? And between runs, we can buy useful power-ups.

Euro Soccer Sprint - free running game for mobile devices

Euro Soccer Sprint is very similar to another one, bigger running adventure of Subway Surfers. This endless game has much more colorful locations and really lots if interesting features. Our short review of Subway Surfers is here:

Subway Surfers running adventure

Interesting mix of soccer and another game genre can be found in Soccer Bubbles. We use color balls there to create groups of three or more identical:

Soccer Bubbles - free mobile game