May 1, 2017

Sun Beams 2

Sun Beams game screenshot
The smiling Sun, cute clouds, and bright rainbows – this is quite a joyful game)) 

This online puzzle proposes really interesting tasks for smart gamers! We should help the Sun to reach his cozy sky house. To do so, tap different clouds to activate different actions. Some of them just disappear and the Sun begins falling down. Others create the wind and push the Sun in some directions. Only a correct sequence of this actions leads to the game goal. And we have to be even more accurate to collect all the bonus stars in the location. Sometimes the game seems to be a bit complicated, so the best way to understand what to do is trying again and again – the decision is out there!

Sun Beams free puzzle game on Android and iOS (iPhine and iPad)

This is the second part of the Sun Beams game series. The third one is here:

Sun Beams 3 - free puzzle game for Android and iOS mobile devices

In some games, we can create rainbows, not only observe them – try out Baboo: Rainbow Puzzle on our gaming blog

Baboo: Rainbow Puzzle game for Android and iOS

Colorful worlds and smiling clouds – this sounds like something from Mario games! Did you play Super Mario Run? The game is available for Android and iOS devices, and we have a review of it here:

Running adventure game for Android and iPhone - Super Mario Run