May 1, 2017

Find your own Minecraft style with different game modes

A Minecraft tutorial about different game modes
The world of Minecraft is vast and interesting! But what do you prefer doing there? Build? Fight? Both?.. 

For different attitude to the game process and even for different moods of players, developers from Mojang have made different modes. In this Minecraft tutorial, we explain what they are, what is better to do while playing them, and how to activate a mode of your choice.
The video version of this tutorial about Minecraft game modes is here:

So, there are five game modes in Minecraft:
  1. Creative;
  2. Survival;
  3. Hardcore;
  4. Adventure;
  5. Spectator.

Creative Minecraft – to build…

If you plan to create something in Minecraft, consider doing this in the Creative mode. Any block in any quantity is available here. And any existing block may be destroyed by only one hit of the hand. Monsters do not attack your character. No harm to health will be done after falling even from the highest mountain. No need to eat, because your Minecraft hero doesn’t feel hunger. And even flying around blocky locations is possible here…

Creative mode is the best for building. Let your imagination blossom into amazing constructions!

A Minecraft tutorial on Very Good Games about the Creative mode of the game

Here is some useful information about the Minecraft Creative mode: 
  • All the game blocks can be taken from the inventory. Press “E” button and drag everything you need to the lower line of cells;
  • Do not take too many blocks. For example, for building an emerald castle, will be enough to prepare just two-three emerald blocks, take one in the hand and then just place them again and again – there will be limitless amount of them;
  • To fly, jump (press “spacebar”) twice; and to descend, press left “shift”.

Survival Minecraft – fight for life, work for resources…

All the impressions from playing Minecraft will be different in this game mode. Players collect blocks one by one with pickaxe or another tool in hands. Monsters wait for nighttime to attack and kill square-headed characters. Health may come to zero because of hunger…

Survival mode creates an amazing game atmosphere. This is a classic Minecraft and a core mode of the game!

A Minecraft tutorial on Very Good Games about the Survival mode of the game

To discover many features on the Survival mode, explore our tutorial series “How to play Minecraft free. Five Demo days”

Hardcore Minecraft – almost like in the reality…

This game mode is very similar to Survival. But just one feature makes it very special – game character lives only once. There is no respawn after death, and all the constructions and collected blocks will vanish forever.

Playing Minecraft in the Hardcore mode is a challenge for our gaming skills! No mistakes should be done! Safety is in the first place! Players have to be ready to leave all their progress at any moment.

A Minecraft tutorial on Very Good Games about the Hardcore mode of the game

Adventure Minecraft – for special maps

When creators of a custom map prepare some tricky missions for players, they may decide to restrict destroying blocks. And the Adventure mode has been made for such situations!

Here we can press buttons and activate levers, interact with different mobs and just explore territories. To destroy blocks we should have special CanDestroy tools – and map creators may give this possibility.

Spectator Minecraft – just observing…

This mode of Minecraft is rather not-suitable for playing but it is an amazing one for an astonishing show – players can observe the blocky virtuality through the eyes of the standard character and any other creature, they have met in a location. 

In the Spectator mode, we can do nothing with blocks, inventory, or mobs. 

How to choose a game mode in Minecraft?

When we create a new world through the main menu of the game, we may choose one of three main Minecraft modes: Survival, Creative, or Hardcore. The picture below explains how to do so:

Minecraft tutorial about choosing one of the main game modes: Survival, Creative, and Hardcore.

For the other modes, we may tap from a keyboard an appropriate command during playing Minecraft in the Survival or Creative modes:
  • for the Adventure mode – “/gamemode adventure”, “/gamemode a”, or “/gamemode 2”;
  • for the Spectator mode – “/gamemode spectator”, “/gamemode sp”, “/gamemode 3”.

Just tap “/”, the first symbol of any command, and the command line will appear. ”Enter” activates commands. 

The trick with commands works on two of the main game modes as well:
  • for activating the Creative mode, type “/gamemode creative”, “/gamemode c”, or “/gamemode 1”;
  • for activating the Survival mode, type: “/gamemode survival”, “/gamemode s”, or “/gamemode 0”.
Minecraft tutorial about jumping into the Survival mode from Creative by a chat command

The Hardcore mode hasn’t a special command because it is not a mode in fact but a level of difficulty in the Survival mode.

What the difference between modes and mods in Minecraft? Discover this in our tutorial ”What are mods in Minecraft and how to use them”:

A tutorial about Minecraft mods, or modifications of the game

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