May 19, 2017

Get the Weight

Get the Weight - free online puzzle game
Can you guess weight of different objects, just watching them on the screen? This game proposes practicing this! And of course, gamers can just have fun time, playing this online puzzle.

We have scales here and an object, put on one of its parts. This may be a little chick, an old phone, a cool modern tablet, and even a dinosaur egg. Look at the object properly, notice how low the scales are dropped. And then put the load on the other part, trying to reach the perfect balance. You can choose big or small load and then wait until it gets a proper weight.

Get the Weight - interesting game on the blog for smart gamers

Accuracy is quite a significant skill in the real life and in many computer games. Players should be very accurate while driving virtual cars of the Parking Passion game:

Parking Passion game on the blog for smart gamers

Accuracy is needed in space shooters as well. Such as free multiplayer game StarblastIo:

StarblastIo - multiplayer space shooter

Another one example of using accuracy is battle of Burrito Bison and evil gummy bears in the game Burrito Bison Launcha Libre:

Burrito Bison Launcha Libre - game review on the Very Good Games blog