May 18, 2017

Western Solitaire

Western Solitaire - card game online
This is a classic card solitaire, made in the style of Westerns – it’s like playing solitaire on a wooden bar counter, with wild cowboys around…

Players can choose two levels of difficulty – or one, or three cards will appear from the extra deck. They will be needed to open all hidden cards of the main columns and compose four full decks of every card suit. Some cards in the columns are opened already, and you can sort them to open others – put lower on higher, red on black or black on red.

Western Solitaire - free card game on the blog for smart gamers

Another one nice version of free online solitaire is Solitaire Classic Easter. It has much gentle design:

Solitaire Classic Easter - free online card game of a blog for smart gamers

To play with cowboys in an even more westerns-like game, try out the Cowboys vs. Martians shooter:

Mighty guys fight each other – this description is suitable not only for cowboys from western movies but also for famous superheroes from the Injustice 2 game:

Injustice 2 - fighting game with superheroes for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 game consoles