May 26, 2017

Monster Snack Time

Monster Snack Time game screenshots
What a life for a monster – eat sugar-like, pig-like and other types of creatures to become bigger, fatter, and really ugly! Almost like some people do. In this game, players can take control of one monster and help him to accomplish all the goals of the monster life: eat and be fat, make a lot of monster-children, eat with them and make them fat and ugly. Almost like some parents do.

At every level, our creature goes hunting. Tap the screen of your smartphone or tablet, or click the mouse of your computer to move the monster in the colorful locations. Lead him to small monsters to eat them and to coins to collect them! Avoid bigger monsters or they will eat your “hero”. The monster becomes bigger and soon he will be able to eat everything around. After hunting, players enter a city with the shop of upgrades and boosters, and with the home where babies can be hatched from eggs. They go hunting with father, getting more food and helping accomplish every of game levels.

Monster Snack Time - free online game for Android smartphones and tablets. for iPads and iPhones, for Windows and Mac computers

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