May 25, 2017

Fishy Rush

Fishy Rush game screenshots
In the virtual worlds, even fish are eager to begin exciting adventures! And the hero of this game does this not only for cool gaming time but also for lots of gold coins. Uncountable treasures are all around in the sea, so the fish just need to be deft enough to avoid many dangers and get an amazing prize in the game!

Tap the screen of your tablet or smartphone, or click the mouse of your computer – this makes the fish swim higher. Lead it to coins and don’t touch other fish on the way! The game notifies about special dangers, such as attacking predators and… laser rays. How far will your fish reach in one attempt? Buy different upgrades in the shop to make new tries much more efficient!

Fishy Rush - free running adventures for smarphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers

Fish and animals do not care about money, you know?! But they care about food and surviving. The same happen even with virtual bacteria of the AgarIo game:

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After a nice training of the reaction in this game, gamers can give a bit of positive work for the brains in one of the cool free online puzzle games from our collection:

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Fast moving, collecting coins and avoiding obstacles on the way? Are we talking about Mario and his amazing adventures in the Super Mario Run game?

Super Mario Run - a game for Android smartphones and tables, for iPhones and iPads