May 7, 2017

Wanderland Chapter 11

Wanderland Chapter 11 game screenshot
It is an interesting observation game – different objects are hidden in many virtual locations, and players may try to find them all. There are names of the objects in the lower menu. When they will be found, the round will be finished successfully! In the normal game mode, we have a limitation of time for accomplishing missions. But we can have more relaxed gaming in the training mode.

The rounds of the game become harder step by step – more and more objects should be found. And it is good that we play a few times in one place. This way, we can learn where some of the items are. The game proposes hints for difficult situations.

Wanderland Chapter 11 - free game for iPad, iPhone, Android devices

To have fun in the game and train observation skills with no harm for yourself, explore the locations without tenseness in eyes. 

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Solving jigsaw puzzles, we also should activate our observation. And in the Jigsaw Puzzle Classic we don’t need to be in hurry:

Jigsaw Puzzle Classic - free game for Android and iOS

More actions in the game – it is also cool! In the Subway Surfers, smart gamers should act really fast to make their heroes run as far as possible:

Free running adventure Subway Surfers - game for Android and iOS