May 6, 2017

Snail Bob Space

Snail Bob Space game screenshot
It seems like Snail Bob is a real smart gamer – he just can’t sit in one place without any adventures! And this time, our hero has decided to explore faraway planets. Can you help the creature to reach a spaceship and to avoid many dangers during his exciting trip?

To play with Snail Bob, we should be quite fast and accurate! Sometimes, laser rays are ahead, and only quick taps on appropriate buttons will activate a rescue mechanism. Sometimes, dangers appear all around Snail Bob, so smart gamers have to control gravity in a deft way to make the hero fly in the middle of the location. Often, only the correct sequence of actions helps pass a level. Of course, we can stop Bob, to have time for observing and for thinking.

Snail Bob Space - fun mini game

Another one adventure of Snail Bob is his trip to Ancient Egypt – the free online game Snail Bob 3:

Snail Bob 3 - free mini game

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Endless Lake - free adventure game online

Exploration of outer space is an amazing adventure itself! And in the multiplayer game StarblastIo, players can also battle and collect precious crystals:

StarblastIo - multiplayer space game