May 29, 2017

Yeti Sensation

Play online Yeti Sensation - a running game on a blog for gamer Very Good Games
Yeti is tired of seating in his icy cold cave – there are so many delicious berries around, and a nice run will help the creature to warm up and to become stronger and healthier. So Yeti begins his run on an endless road of this online game. Will you help him not to crash onto obstacles and collect a lot of sweet and juicy berries?

Unlike other running games, this game shouldn’t be installed on your device. And the main hero, Yeti, can’t jump and slide – only dodging to right-left is available to him. There are three lines on the road. Choose a free one to continue running. If there is an obstacle on all three lines, look for a special jumping spot and lead Yeti to it. Grab different power-ups during the run, such 2x of game score, powerful fly on a big distance, a magnet for collecting all the berries around. Buy upgrades before new attempts – they work only for one run.

A free online running game Yeti Sensation for computer, tablet, smartphone

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Subway Surfers start screen

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