May 30, 2017

Golf of Cards

Golf of Cards game screenshot
This is an interesting version of card solitaires. Here we have columns of cards and an extra deck. We can take one card from the deck and then put on it cards from the columns – they should be on one point lower or higher. The suit in this card game doesn’t matter. The main goal of the solitaire is clearing all the columns.

Gamers should think to succeed here! Always watch on a few steps ahead. Which card to put for having other moves to make after that? The game proposes four modes: Classic with no time limitations, and three levels of difficulty with 3, 5, and 10 minutes of playing. After collecting enough of special bonus points, you can buy new appearances of the virtual cards.

Free game Golf of Cards - solitaire for Windows and Mac computers, for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones

Thinking and the power of attention help to succeed in solitaire games. And the same skills are needed for online puzzles! The best thing here is that we use and develop our thinking and attention in a fun and interesting way!

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Exciting adventures in virtual worlds ask for attention and thinking too! How to develop the character to reach the dimension of the main monster and to defeat it? Try and do so in the Portal Knights game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game consoles, on Windows computers:

Portal Knights - adventure RPG for PS4 and Xbox One game consoles, for Windows laptops and desktops

In many games, a fast reaction is a key factor! Like in Super Mario Run – an original Nintendo game, made for Android and iOS tablets and smartphones:

Super Mario Run - a Nintendo game for Android smartphones and tablets, for iPhone and iPad